Commencement Weekend Tickets

All complimentary ceremony tickets are available on the online Ticket Registration form. Online ticket registration opens on April 15, 2021, and will close on May 7, 2021. Only students can register for tickets, and they must register using their “” email account. Each student receives two tickets; the graduate does not need a ticket.

With the seating plans adjusted due to CDC and local guidelines, Wake Forest will offer each student two tickets for their guests for the Diploma Ceremony and the Commencement Celebration.

When will tickets become available?

Tickets will be released on May 13. Seating is best available based on the time of registration. Seating assignment information will not be available until ticket release and will be final.

Ticket distribution policies will take into account the following guiding principles:

  • Safety of attendees and graduates.
  • Transparency of information and process.
  • Accommodating as many Class of 2021 guests as possible.
  • Fair and objective system of allocation based upon time of registration.
  • Specific seat requests, other than ADA needs, are not available due to social distancing parameters.
  • Tickets are non-transferable.
  • All seating assignments are final and can not be changed due to social distancing requirements.

Tickets will be distributed in seating clusters of two, with only tickets from one pod included together. Ticket holders must sit in their reserved seats and may not interact with attendees located in other seating clusters while in the seating bowl.

You will receive your tickets no later than 8 p.m. on May 13. If you do not receive your tickets by this time, please make sure that you have checked your spam folder before contacting us.

Mobile Ticketing

In order to further our health and safety guidelines for commencement, Wake Forest University will utilize digital tickets. This step will allow guests greater convenience, security, and control over their tickets while also minimizing loss or theft of paper tickets.

Commencement ceremony tickets will now arrive via email with an embedded link to download and save tickets via their smartphone’s wallet. The graduate will receive the two digital tickets for the diploma ceremony and the two digital tickets for the evening celebration. Tickets may be printed in advance to use for entry or guests may show the ticket on a device. Tickets will only be able to be scanned one time. Guests need to receive tickets directly from the graduate.

Mobile Tickets FAQ

How will I receive my mobile tickets?

Mobile tickets will be delivered via an email titled “Your Mobile Pass(es) Have Arrived” from the address Please be sure to add to your email contacts to help prevent the email from going to your spam folder.

How do I download my tickets?

On your phone, open the email from titled “Your Mobile Pass(es) Have Arrived” and click on the blue link underneath the Click Here for Your Tickets caption.

In the next window, for Android or iPhone users, click “G Pay Save to Phone” or “Add to Apple Wallet”. If you do not have that type of phone, click the “DOWNLOAD PDF” link underneath.

After your pass is saved in your Wallet, you can access them by clicking “Passes” (Android users) or scrolling down to view (iPhone). For the PDF version, pull up the QR Code on your screen prior to approaching the gate.

Can I print my tickets from home?

Guests are encouraged to pull up the QR code on their phone for easy entry and scanning at the gate. But if you can not bring a phone to the ceremony or do not have access, yes, you have the ability to print the tickets instead of showing them on your mobile device. To do so, click on the link in your email from your desktop and print the mobile ticket including QR code on white paper.

What happens if I do not receive my tickets by 8 p.m., May 13?

If you have not received your tickets by this time, please make sure you have checked your spam folder before contacting us.

You can contact for tickets not received. Please send an email from your WFU student email address and include the following information:

  • Graduate name
  • Student ID number
  • Ceremony name

What if I have a connectivity issue after I arrive?

We highly recommend downloading your tickets to your phone before arriving at the game. If you have an iPhone or Android you can store your tickets in your Apple Wallet or Google Pay and be assured your tickets are saved and available with the tap of a button. If you selected the Mobile PDF version, screen shot your QR Code to pull up from your phone’s photo gallery at the gate.