Parking & Shuttles

Please note the different information for Sunday and Monday.

Sunday, May 19

Reserved parking for guests with an ADA parking pass is available on a first-come basis in the lots located on either side of Wait Chapel. Space is limited. Drivers must display their ADA parking pass to park in these lots. Guests should not park in lots designated as ADA unless the driver or a passenger has a physical disability or extreme difficulty walking.

Monday, May 20

Reserved parking for guests with an ADA pass is available in the lots off Long Drive on a first-come basis. Space is limited. Please do not park in these lots unless you or a passenger has a physical disability or extreme difficulty walking. Wheelchair accessible shuttles will run continuously from Long Drive to Hearn Plaza. Guests will disembark at the campus shuttle hub and can walk directly onto Hearn Plaza. Guests will not need to use steps to enter the plaza.

All campus lots will be staffed by University Police on May 19 and 20.

Accessibility Seating on Hearn Plaza

There will be designated accessible guest seating on Hearn Plaza near the crosswalk on the Zick’s side of the plaza. This seating is for guests in wheelchairs and for those who have difficulty walking. As seating in this section is limited, we ask that the guest needing accessible seating is accompanied by only one other guest.

We do not supply wheelchairs, walkers, golf carts, or other medical/mobility equipment: In the event you have a family member or guest who needs personal medical equipment, they will need to bring their own, or procure a rental. The Events office recommends this vendor for rentals, though you can use any you prefer.

An American Sign Language interpreter will be located in front of the stage on the East side, near Zick’s restaurant. Reserved seating is available in the first row for guests who would like to be seated near our interpreter. Upon arrival, please alert a WF Volunteer (wearing a gold Staff badge). Several Volunteers designated to assist with this section will be located near Zick’s restaurant.

Indoor Seating

For guests who have difficulty tolerating outdoor temperatures, a live feed of the Commencement ceremony will be available in Wait Chapel. Commencement ceremony tickets are required for admission to Wait Chapel and space is limited.


Live captions (CART services) will be provided for speeches, the introduction, closing remarks, etc. The captions will be on the main screens on the plaza, in the YouTube livestream, and as text on a streaming captions page. During the conferring of degrees, please refer to the program for the listing of the names.

Hearing Assistance

There will be hearing assistance devices available in Wait Chapel only for all ceremonies on Commencement weekend (first-come, first-served)