Checklist for Graduates

Wake Forest Commencement

Your March Checklist


Discuss commencement weekend ticket needs with your family members and determine the final number of tickets you will need.

Check your WFU email

An email will be sent to each graduating students’ WFU email account in early Spring that explains the ticket reservation process. Reserve your tickets as soon as possible. 

What do I do next?

After an order has been placed, subsequent online orders or revisions can be made, however, there is a no refund policy for all purchased tickets. At no time will graduates be denied the maximum number of tickets.

Each graduate will be allowed a limited number of tickets.

Students who need additional tickets to official ceremonies are encouraged to ask classmates, who do not need all tickets, to order the maximum and share the extras. Students are expected to make these arrangements themselves.

Important: Fulfillment of ticket requests is contingent upon the successful completion of your courses this term, which is determined by the Office of the University Registrar. Should you fail to meet graduation or participation requirements, we will not be able to satisfy your ticket request.

Visit the Out of the Forest Website

If you haven’t already, please make you visit the Out of the Forest website for additional information on what you need to be thinking about now, as well as learn about what resources are available for you after you leave Mother So Dear.

Your April Checklist

Submit the Name Pronunciation form

All graduating seniors (College BA and BS candidates) are asked to fill out the name pronunciation form by April 15. Students can access it via WIN, under the “personal” tab, then “record your name.” This will ensure that the graduate’s name is pronounced correctly during the commencement ceremony.

Tie up any loose ends with financial aid

Schedule your exit interview with financial aid if applicable. Also, be sure to pay any fines or other financial debts on your student account. Your account must be cleared before graduation.

Create your alumni email account

Sign up for your alumni email account that you will be able to take with you wherever you go.

Your May Checklist

Check your email often!

The Office of the University Registrar will be sending you emails that contain important information and instructions as the graduation ceremony approaches. Read these carefully and respond appropriately!

Have a cleared account

This will be your last chance to pay any fines or financial debts on your student account. Your account must be cleared before graduation.